Market Bears Are Going Extinct. Sell High NOW!!!

I recently read a brilliant article by a fellow analyst named Joe Wesisenthal. Joe effectively distilled a sea of irrelevant financial data into some of the most important information that every investor needs to know. Failing to understand the implications of this information will surely result in investors again losing […] Read more »

Stocks Are Peaking. Gold Is Just Warming Up.

Well, it happened. The well-known S&P 500 Index has finally moved above the 2,000 mark. This is clearly another head fake to encourage gullible investors to get excited to hold onto and even buy stocks when they should be selling. At the same time, the gold and mining sectors are […] Read more »

Bear Market Update: Most Investors Are About to Get Fleeced Again

One frequently-repeated piece of nonsense in 2014 has been the claim that “investors are still afraid to buy U.S. equities”. The following link conclusively demonstrates that flows into U.S. stocks, if measured intelligently as has done for decades, have been by far at all-time highs especially whenever the S&P […] Read more »

Tame the Bear, Ride the Gold

It’s been a couple of weeks since my last update and what an interesting couple of weeks it has been. The US stock market has finally been showing cracks and the bubble in high yield corporate bonds appears to have finally burst. What is encouraging to see is the gold […] Read more »

Stocks are Going Down, Gold is Going Up

Earlier this week I was back in my hometown of Fort Frances presenting a one-hour seminar on “How to Protect and Grow Your Money.” The turnout was great as was the feedback. I plan to convert my seminar into a video online. The video will cover how close we are […] Read more »

The Gold Bull Market Is Alive And Well

I recently came across an article by a financial journalist who gets it. It’s titled, “Third Time’s a Charm” and lays out all the facts and logical reasons to expect the bull market in gold and miners stocks to accelerate for this summer and into next year. As I’ve mentioned […] Read more »

Sold India, Buying Gold. Time to Sell Short?

We are getting the price weakness in gold and mining stocks that I’ve been waiting for. The past few days I have been buying mining funds like GDXJ, GLDX and SIL for my newer clients who are underweight in the precious metals sector. I have orders to buy more at […] Read more »

JP Morgan Turns Bullish on Mining

As my email newsletter subscribers and reading of my blog know, I expect gold mining to be the strongest performing sector over the next several months. Although there still could be more weakness in the short term, the outlook for the balance of 2014 and perhaps into 2015 looks very […] Read more »

Buckle Up! The New Bear Market Has Begun

No one likes losing money. And after living through three market collapses in just the past 14 years, most people can’t afford to suffer another major loss. This is especially true for anyone in or approaching retirement. If you were like most people and lost money in the 2008 financial […] Read more »